Aaron Sheldon - Upper Arlington, Ohio

Speaker:  Sunday March 12, 2017

Time: 2:35pm AND 3:45pm

Program Description: Digital Infrared Photography - From Selecting a Filter to Post Production for Color and Black & White

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Aaron Sheldon spent 15 years in corporate America using his background in education to train and mentor employees at several companies throughout Ohio before leaving the 9 to 5 to start his own commercial photography and Fine Art photography and mentoring/education companies.  He has led photowalks around Columbus for the past seven years and offers one-on-one photography mentoring to photographers of all skill levels.  

Aaron splits his time photographically between Infrared photography, Street photography, Architecture/Real Estate photography, and Commercial photography. His most recent project "Small Steps Are Giant Leaps" has been featured extensively in print and online by CNN, the Columbus Dispatch, USA Today, Fatherly, PetaPixel and many other outlets and is now a book available from Midwest Photo Exchange


Program Description: Digital Infrared Photography - From Selecting a Filter to Post Production for Color and Black & White

Digital Infrared Photography
One of the easiest ways to shake up your digital photography is to add an Infrared filter to your camera bag.
Infrared, best known for surreal blues and yellows and stark, high contrast black and white, is easy to do once you understand how infrared light interacts with your camera and the effects that different filters affect that light.

Join Aaron Sheldon as he explains how to get started with Infrared using external filters (and which filters available online to avoid) and when it might be time to take the plunge and have a camera converted to Infrared only capture. Aaron will share images showing the impact that Infrared capture can have and the right choices in post-processing to make the most of your infrared images in both color and black and white.

He will walk you through the process of “color-swapping” in Photoshop for that surreal false color IR look as well as the best choices to make for stunning black and white images and share why setting a custom white balance in camera and shooting in RAW are both necessary in Infrared capture.

Items to be covered will include:

Choosing a camera and lens for Infrared
Types of Infrared filters
Using external filters
Converting a DSLR/MILC for infrared-only capture
Why a Custom White Balance is essential
Color or Black and White?
Troubleshooting typical IR issues

Facebook: aaron.sheldon.52

Instagram: eff8nbthere/?hl=en