Are you interested in Monthly meetings and getting to know some of the local photographers in your area?  There are several small affiliates that are not only PPO affiliates but they are also PPA affiliates. You will gain a lot of great knowledge to help your business grow and succeed by joining one of these great groups.  Here is a list of the affiliates in the state of Ohio, find one near you and give them a call.  I’m sure they would love to have you come and visit to see what they are all about.

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Professional Photographers of North East Ohio (PPNEO)

  • Contact – Kristy Steeves
  • Phone: 216-469-9981
  • Email:

Professional Photographer of Central Ohio (PPCO)

Professional Photographers of Southwestern Ohio(PPSO)    

  • Contact – Susan Gertz
  • Phone: 513-594-5258
  • Email -

Certified Professional Photographers of Ohio(CPP)

  • Contact- Kelly Cook
  • Phone: 937-368-2404
  • Email –

Photographic Art Specialist of Ohio(PASO)