SummerSnap Speaker!

Gregg Wurtzler

Middletown, Ohio

The Right Light/Lighting 101

Sunday, June 26th     12:00pm - 4:00pm

Program Description:

This presentation is for both the aspiring professional and the seasoned pro who wants to add to or refresh their lighting toolbox. Gregg will explore lighting from the basics of a good light set-up, to totally idealizing the subject. He will be covering, but not limiting the content to; metering, light ratios, color balance, contrast, shape and dimension, and depth of light. He will also explore the concept and practice of lighting types and effect on the subject. Make great images by using, the right light.


Gregg has been a photographer since he picked up a camera at the age of 12. Since then he has worked hard to perfect his skills and grow creatively. His background as a photographer includes a very solid education from the Ohio Institute of Photography. He has been the Photography Program Director at Brightwood College in Dayton for the past 35 years. In addition to working at Brightwood he and his wife Kathie own and operate Wurtzler Photography in Middletown. Most of their business concentrates around portrait photography including seniors, families and weddings. Gregg is a member of PP of Ohio and has served on the PPO board for several years, and is also a past president. His work has gained him several Courts of Honor in Commercial, Portrait and illustrative, as well as winning the George Edmundson trophy for outstanding Commercial eight times. Gregg has been in the Top Ten Photographers in Ohio several times as well as receiving the Fuji Masterpiece award eight times. He has also won a Kodak Gallery award in Commercial. At national level he presently has 18 images in the Loan Collection as well as received a Grand Imaging Award for a commercial entry. He is currently a elected Councilor for PPA. Gregg’s been an affiated Juror for PEC since 2004 and is now training to become a Jury Chairman. He enjoys judging and helping people to better their craft.