Robert Hughes

The Photo Affair:  Sunday Feb. 14, 2016 

At the Photo Affair there are 4 different Speakers.  Each speaker will speak twice. Robert will be speaking at 2:30 PM and 4:00 PM.  Each time they speak it will be on the same subject so you can rotate to a different speaker and hear more then one of them from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Master of Photography, CR., MEI., ALPE., PASO Fellowship, PPA Certified

Photographic Awards include: Fourteen (14) Fuji Masterpiece, Seventeen (17) Kodak Gallery, 2-Time WPPI Grand Award, 3-time Dumbauld Award of Creativity, two-time Kubiac Award, 3-time Salyers Award and Electronic Imager of the Year. Seven-time PPCO Photographer of the Year, and Seven-time Professional Photographers of America Photographer of the Year. In July of 2003 Robert was selected by PPA to receive the “Advanced Imaging Excellence Award.” This award, at the time, had been presented to only 41 people in 105 years. Robert Hughes has been awarded the PASO, Digital Artist of the Year, Electronic Artist of the Year and PASO Overall Artist of the Year for Five consecutive years. Robert once scored three different 100 prints in the same WPPI print competition.

Robert has been the Digital Moderator of ZuGa.Net, a contributing Editor for Rangefinder Magazine, International platform speaker, affiliated PPA Print Judge, and has been widely published throughout the Photographic community.

Robert has served as President of the Photographic Artists of Ohio, President of the Professional Photographers of Central Ohio. Robert also currently serves on the Digital advisory board of the Professional Photographers of America.

Robert has also had the distinction of having his work twice selected by a jury of distinguished artisans for the “Art for Life” bi-annual event. The selected works become a show, which is displayed in the Columbus Museum of Art. Robert’s Art has been purchased by the world renowned Ron Pizzuti Gallery. Robert was also the first American to be offered membership in P.A.C.E. This is an invitation-only, highly innovative European group of creative Photographers. PACE stands for Photographers at the Creative Edge.

Program Description: Secrets of Photoshop, Light, and Creativity.