Image Competition Rules and Guidelines

First, Second and Third place awards will be given to the top three scoring PPO Masters and Non-Masters (for a total of 6 awards) in each of the following categories:
General Portrait
High School Seniors
Album - Event
Album - Non-Event

Additional awards:
Highest Four Scoring Images by a PPO Master (Trophy Sponsor: 2015 Winner, Ted Linczak, M. Photog. Cr.,)
Highest Four Scoring Images by a PPO Non-Master (Trophy Sponsor: 2015 Winner, Jaki Miller, CPP)
Highest Scoring Image by an Ohio CPP (Trophy Sponsor: The Certified Professional Photographers of Ohio)
PASO Trophy - Most Creative Entry by a PPO member regardless of Category (Trophy Sponsor: the Photographic Art Specialists of Ohio)
Highest Scoring Entry by a Non-member Entrant

WEBCAST: This image competition judging will be broadcast LIVE (no audio) on during both sessions.
TEXT ALERTS: You may choose to be notified of your scores via text during the entry upload process.

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All image Submissions must be uploaded to (select PPO).

DEADLINE: Image submissions open October 10, 2016. Image Submissions close on November 10, 2016 at 5 PM.

Non-members may enter and will be eligible for a special “Highest Scoring Non-Member Entrant” award. ALL images will be judged, but ONLY current PPO MEMBERS are eligible for category awards and other prizes.

Member Fee: $12 per entry

Non-Member Fee: $15 per entry

This competition is for digital entries only.   Each maker may enter an unlimited number of images in any or all categories.  

Entrants may use a subject in more than one image for this competition ONLY.

Entries must not have merited in any previous PPA-Affiliated Image Competition.

Entries must not have received a score of 80+ in any previous PP of Ohio Image Competition.

 Entries should include a title. There are no file naming rules. Any file name will work.


All page / spread files must have the longest file dimensions at 4000 pixels color space sRGB for monitor viewing and save as a JPG at 10 quality.  Entries in the Artist category must now contain guide images per 2016 PPA changes.


All page / spread files must have the longest file dimensions at 4000 pixels; this is your canvas size. Start the album with a blank, black page numbered 01. Number your remaining jpgs con­secutively.

All page/spread files for the album should be placed in a folder and zipped before uploading.  One additional file (not in the zipped folder) will be needed for your album cover/entry thumb­nail.

SPECIAL NOTE for MULTI-MAKER album entrants:

Maker #1 should register, upload the cover & album zip files and pay for the entry.

Maker #2 should register, upload the cover file only and NOT pay for the entry.

We will match the multi-maker entrants up by ALBUM TITLE.


For questions or additional information, please contact:

Christine Walsh-Newton