Jason and Rebecca Weaver - Lawrenceburg, TN

Speaker:  Saturday and Sunday, March 23rd & 24th

Jason Weaver - The Senior Experience


THE Senior experience. ... Jason will have an action packed program on the full MBP Senior experience.   From yearbook contract seniors to custom sessions, Jason will go over every aspect of the senior market that keeps it viable in their studio. 

MBP photographs over 1200 seniors each year.

Rebecca Weaver - The Big Reveal


Rebecca will go over how she used their boutique studio to create a hybrid studio with volume for her Christmas and Easter mini sessions.  She will be discussing the big reveal and how they utilize that marketing to sell out their Christmas portraits in July.  

ABCs of building a successful children’s portrait studio-Jason and Rebecca will go through their newborn, baby panel programs, children’s programs and tween program to show you how to create a client for life.

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Program Description:  Seniors, Babies and Santa Experience

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Program Level: Intermediate