Jason Feiler - Olmsted Township, OH

Speaker:  Sunday, July 23rd

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Program Description:  Photoshop Compositing & Power Tips

Jason Feiler - Feiler_HeadShotweb.jpg


     Jason Feiler is a digital artist specializing in conceptual and composite imagery. He operates a composite and retouching company from Cleveland, Ohio, is an Adobe customer advisor, and is recognized by NAPP as a Photoshop Guru.


Program Description:  Photoshop Secrets & Power Tips

     In this course I will showcase a few of the tips and secrets that make a composite image believable. Why some composites look real and others won't. I'll cover how to create and modify Photoshop brushes for texture and atmosphere. We'll take a look at selection techniques, including the power of channel selections using image luminosity. Along the way I'll show you some tools, and tips that I use to help make your Photoshop life a little easier.