John Stork - Moreland Hills, Ohio

Speaker Date:  Sunday, November 11th

Program Description: A Deep Dive Into Photoshop

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A Photographer for over 40 years, my interests are in Portraiture, Documentary, Landscape and Travel, and with my experience as a physician, Medical and Scientific photography. I've also been an Educator for many years, and am on the Faculty at Case Western Reserve University. I received my Master of Photography Degree from PPA in 2018. While the capture in the camera is crucial, the advent of digital tools such as Photoshop allows freedom of expression which was previously difficult to attain. Usage requires a solid grasp of technical fundamentals, but also a keen creative sense to know what to do, and how much to do. This is my goal for my Photoshop Retouching.


Program Description:  A Deep Dive Into Photoshop

Unlock some of the real power in Photoshop. Go far beyond sliders and presets. We will explore Adjustment Layers, Blend Modes, Channels, Advanced Masking and Color Grading. You'll learn why the LAB Color space can be an extremely powerful tool for obtaining the most from your images. Why starting with color is the best way to produce an incredible Black and White image. These techniques are applicable to Commercial work, Landscapes, Fine Art and Portraits. We'll also look at some of the best ways to retouch Portraits and Fashion, without resorting to plug-ins that all too often give you that wonderful plastic Barbie-Doll look. The History Brush, Blend Modes, Blend-If, LAB Color, CMYK, Frequency Separation, Dodge and Burn (without the Dodge and Burn tools), Channels, Sharpening, Luminosity Masking, and Editing Masks. If these are things you've heard about, or tried, and would like to know more, let's take A Deep Dive into Photoshop…


Program Level: Intermediate