Shawn and Willard Jones

The Photo Affair:  Sunday Feb. 14, 2016 

At the Photo Affair there are 4 different Speakers.  Each speaker will speak twice. Shawn and Willard will be speaking at 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM.  Each time they speak it will be on the same subject so you can rotate to a different speaker and hear more then one of them from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Biographical Data: Willard & Shawn Jones own a small but thriving studio in far Western Kentucky. They specialize in both youth sports and senior photography. Known in their community as #TeamJones they are easily identifiable by the colors lime green and purple. Willard brings a jolt of fun into everything he does and Shawn, well, she's the serious one. Together, they make an unstoppable and exciting team that gets stuff done and attracts an almost cult-like following.







Program Description:

Join #TeamJones as they show you how to execute a very simple but effective Senior Destination shoot. We will cover how to market, plan and execute a killer destination session. We will discuss how to select a destination location, how to attract seniors to go and even what to do when you get there! You won't want to miss all the fun and pick up some tips on how to create your own exciting plan to go cool places!