Julie Proudfoot and Edward Westwood - Sterling Heights, MI

Speaker Time: Sunday, November 11th

Program Description: How to Run a Successful Model

Representative Program

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Julie Proudfoot started her photographic career more than 20 years ago when she went to work for her mother, Wally Spice. Wally had a very successful wedding photography business and the two of them continued to work together until Wally retired in 2013.

Edward Westwood has been a Detroit-area professional photographer for over 35 years. He has an extensive history as a wedding photographer in addition to his expertise in high school senior and studio-portrait photography. His images have earned numerous awards at the competitions of local and state affiliates, as well as at the Professional Photographers of America International Print Competition. Ed currently serves on the boards of directors of the Professional Photographers of Michigan (Treasurer and Past President) and the Great Lakes Institute of Photography and is starting his third term as a PPA Councilor.

Building on a growing interest in high school senior photography, Julie opened a studio in Warren (MI) in late 2010 where she and Ed would eventually develop their craft in studio-based photography. After meeting at a photography convention, Julie and Ed married in 2013. While both continued their work in wedding and on-location photography more generally, the studio and its immediate vicinity in Warren was the site of their specialization in HS senior portraits and team sport photography. Ed and Julie have a strong commitment to the continuing education of all level of photographers, and the growth of the photographic industry.



Program Description:  How to Run a Successful Model

                                       Representative Program

Julie and Ed are going to talk about their Model Representative program. They have a Senior Safari every year which juniors are excited to be a part of. They are going to talk about how they find their Model Representatives (and have a list for the upcoming years already), plan their Safari, make Rep cards, run contests with their Reps at local businesses, and use their Rep program to keep their name in the conversation around the high schools. They will talk about the specific benefits of having model reps as clients and how their model rep program fosters a long-term relationship between their business and the communities of local high schools.


Website: www.wallyspicephotography.com

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Program Level: Beginner