Christie Kline

Workshop:  Friday Feb. 12, 2016 

Additional Fee to attend workshop: $ 69.00

Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Instagram URL: @ckline4 and @sonshinegirls

Biographical Data: Christie Kline, M.Photog., Cr., CPP

Christie is a second generation photographer operating out of Germantown, Ill. Christie's passion for photography started at an early age working with her mother who established the studio in 1977. Now a co-owner with her mother, Christie took over the shooting in 2002. Growing up surrounded by the love of photography, Christie is proud to carry on her mothers dream.

The studio, "Sonshine Portrait Design", is located in a one of a kind studio built in 2006. While babies and children are the studio's specialty, they serve a broad range of clients. Christie feels that by getting to know each client individually, she can create a product as unique as they are. The end result is a portrait tailor made for each client. Christie's talent for design, light and final composition sets her apart from her competition. Her personality and attention to detail keeps her clients coming back. Her new "Posh Collection" has received rave reviews from clients and other photographers alike.

Christie, holds the Professional of Photographers of America, "Master of Photography" degree, Craftsmen degree and is a Certified Professional Photographer. She is a member of Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of Illinois. Since 2006, Christie has won numerous awards for her photography on a local, state, district and international level. These awards include the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece Award, four Kodak Gallery awards and 4th place kodak elite, lexjet award, CPP award and others. Her work has been featured and published in the PPA International Loan Collection. She has also been named in the top ten photographers for Illinois the past five years. She was named 10 top ten in the portrait category at ImagingUSA 2016 and part of team USA competing in the 2016 World Cup.

Christie is now speaking and sharing her success with other photographers across the United States. Giving back to the profession that has given her so much.

Program Description:

Do you dream of photographing those sweet, dreaming newborns? It can be a very profitable market if you know how to handle it correctly. Join Christie to make your dream a reality and learn how she photographs newborn sessions. She will show you how she works with her clients and their babies. She'll also help you start thinking outside the circle...letting your creativeness go beyond just a normal portrait.

Learn the marketing and pricing that will help make this specialty more profitable for you, along with a good workflow plan. Christie demonstrates design work and her creative thought process.