Logan Detty - Chillicothe, OH

Speaker:  Sunday, March 24th

Program Description: How to Capture Dynamic Images & Build a Social Media Community

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Creative, insightful, and caring are ways that others describe Logan. Photography has always been what keeps him passionate. After graduating from Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology in 2012 Logan moved back home to Chillicothe, Ohio and changed the way people perceived photography. By leveraging influence on social media, Logan built a 6 figure photography business and inspired others to create what they love.


Program Description:  Unlocking Creativity & Person Growth

Through Print Competition!

We all know that social media is something that we can do better. More than posting, advertising, and replying to messages, learn what it looks like to build a community of followers that love what you're doing. Learn how to have creative freedom in your shooting, process images directly for social media, and make the most of your personally to leverage your influence.

Website: www.logandetty.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/logandettyphotography

Instagram: www.instagram.com/logandettyphoto

Twitter: www.twitter.com/logandettyphoto

Program Level: Intermediate