Speaker:  Monday - November 14, 2016 From 9:00 am -10:00 am

Michael Osborne


I started my photography career in 1981.  Photographing weddings, families and HS seniors.  Today I mostly concentrateon HS seniors and Families.  I have always been on the leading edge of today's photography.  Learning and teaching new techniques.  Digital has opened the door to so many creative possibilities.  I am also a speaker for photography on the subjects of families and HS seniors.  I speak at many state and local conventions.  I am also currently on the board of directors for Professionals Photographers of Ohio and serve as President.   I hold a Photographic Craftsman Degree through the Professional Photographers of America and a Certified Professional Photographers degree through the State of Ohio.


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/michaelosbornephotography


Program Description: Studio Lighting Setup for Small and Big Studios

Mike will be showing a studio set up with all that you need to make images in a small or big space. He will cover main lights, fill lights, hair lights, rim lighting and background separation lighting. Great time to brush up on some new lighting techniques. Great for the 1 to 10-year studio photographers. The lighting Mike will show can also be used for outside photography. This is a great opportunity for photographers that don't have an inside studio but want to learn studio lighting for outside sessions. Bring your notepads, laptops and/or recorder. This will be a lot of information in just one hour and you will want to get it all.