Cath Smith - Willoughby, Ohio

Speaker Date:  Saturday, November 10th

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Program Description: PPA Merited Class

Studio Lights and Modifiers, Oh My!


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Cath is a British expat, crazy cat lady, and all-around Renaissance woman who includes PA, Librarian, Public Health Researcher, and IT Project Manager in her past 'lives'. She's also a half-decent portrait photographer, CPP, current holder of the J. Anthony Bill Award, one of 2018's Top Ten Professional Photographers of Ohio, and soon-to-be incoming chair of the Professional Photographers of North East Ohio.

Cath opened Cath Smith Photography, which offers heritage portrait art to women and seniors in the Willoughby and NE Cleveland area, in 2017. While her business is still relatively new, Cath is an old hand behind the camera, with nearly 40 years of exploration in film, print, and digital.


Program Description:  Studio Lights and Modifiers, Oh My!

Studio lighting can be confusing, especially if you're an all natural light photographer. Mastering light in a studio situation is an essential skill that will elevate your work to the next level. In this course, we’ll review basic components of studio lighting, including how constant lights, speedlights, strobes, and lighting modifiers can be used to create a different look and feel to your images. If you're starting out with off-camera lighting or you just need a basic refresher, this is a great opportunity to experience first-hand the basics of studio lighting. The combination of theory, practical demonstration, problem solving, and hands-on experience will appeal to all kinds of learning styles.

Program Level: Beginner