Advanced Mirrorless ~ Learning the Ins and Outs of Making the Switch

Bio:         TJ Houston is an author, blogger, podcaster, photographer and studio owner located in Ashland, Ohio where he focuses on Senior & Wedding photography. TJ is also the Vice President of the Akron Society of Professional Photographers.

Program Description:

In this course TJ will share the ins and outs of mirrorless and share his experience in switching over to 100% mirrorless 2 years ago. TJ will explains the growing pains and issues he ran into and Tj will answer questions as well as live shooting with the Sony mirrorless system. 

Topics Covered: 

Mirrorless Overview

Explanation of Sony's prescriptive camera line

Native Lenses and Adapting your equipment

Off camera lighting

Mirrorless Wedding Workflow Tips and Tricks

Mirrorless Senior Workflow Tips and Tricks

SummerSnap Speaker!

TJ Houston

Nova, Ohio

Sunday, June 26th     10:00am - 12:00pm

   TJ Houston


TJ Houston