Speaker Equipment & Model Request Form

PPO will provide a projector, screen, house audio (if requested) and power strip for each presenter.

PPO will provide a standard SVGA/HDMI connection to the projector.

  • You MUST bring YOUR OWN adapter to connect to the projection system.

  • If you are bringing your own projector, you are responsible for all of your own cabling.

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All speakers are required to provide their own laptop/computer for their presentation. Are you? *
Will you be using projection during your presentation? *
Would you prefer to bring your own projector? *
Will you need access to AUDIO for your presentation? *
Will you need a clicker for advancing slideshow? *
Would you prefer a podium or a table for your laptop? *
Do you need a chair/stool to sit on during your program? *
Will your need easels for prints during your presentation? *
Will you be shooting during your presentation? *
Would you be willing to shoot directly to computer/screen so that the audience can see the results? (CamRanger)
Photo Equipment
We will do our best to meet your requests however, if you need specific equipment, we recommend you bring your own.
Will you be needing models during your presentation? *

Thank you for speaking at the Professional Photographers of Ohio convention. We appreciate your willingness to educate and share with the photographic community and are looking forward to your program. If you have any questions about this form, please contact the PPO office at 614-407-8PPO and they will have the AV chairman contact you.