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PPA Merited Class

Saturday, November 16th - Barberton, Ohio

12pm - 7pm

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PPA Merited Class - David Beckham ~ Pickerington, Ohio

Program Title: Fashion Posing and Lighting for Seniors


Speaker Bio

David is enjoying his 10th year in his portrait studio in Pickerington, Ohio where he specializes in Fashion Styled Seniors. He speaks and teaches nationally; 5 times at Shutterfest, 3 times at SYNC and many state conferences across the country. David's work has been published in 23 nationally printed publications including the cover of PPA Magazine. He will be receiving his Masters of Photography degree at Imaging 2020 and be up for his second GIA award in four years. His goal with every client is to let them see themselves the way that people that love them see them; flawless, natural and beautiful.

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Program Description

We will get hands on experience with multiple types of lighting including studio and outdoor OCF. We will explore the elements of posing, not poses but the details of how to communicate with your client to get them to use their hands, arms, legs, faces to achieve a look that works with their individual body type. We will be working with multiple models so that you can build a portfolio or just get pull backs of what we are using so bring your camera!

Program Level: Intermediate

Questions? Call Susan at 614-407-8PPO