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Fuzzy Duenkel ~ M.Photog., Craftsman

West Bend, WI

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Program Title: Composing (is Better than Decomposing)

Speaker Bio

In 1975, Fuzzy and Shirley Duenkel of West Bend, Wisconsin started their “mom and pop” business, as many photographers do, when a friend asked Fuzzy to photograph her wedding. In 1996, the Duenkels dropped weddings to concentrate solely on portraits.

Fuzzy’s business evolved into mostly a specialty studio with under 100 total sessions per year. While they photograph babies, children, families, couples and glamour, high school seniors are his favorite. Seniors are his easiest subjects since they require little space (unlike families), hold still (unlike kids), do what they’re told (unlike babies), understand English (unlike pets), and will give him as much time as he needs (unlike weddings).

Fuzzy practically insists on working on location with each session. Fuzzy feels his specialty is his total comfort with creating portraits in clients’ homes, especially if he has never been there before. His goal is to make a variety of images that don’t necessarily look like they were done in the clients’ bedrooms, garages, or hallways… even though they were!


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Program Description

Composition can make or break an image. It can leave the viewer disinterested, or it can stir an emotional reaction that makes them want to keep seeing it again and again. This somewhat cerebral program uses easy-to-understand tutorial uses over 300 before and after examples to teach all aspects of powerful composition from simple fundamentals to the subtle subliminals.

Program Level: Intermediate

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