Bob Coates - Sedona, AZ

Speaker:  Sunday, April 8th

Program Description: Leveraging Today's Technology for More Creative Images

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A PPA member since 1997, photographer, educator and author Bob Coates has been a professional since March of 1995. Sharing photography skills and ideas has been a focus for Bob. Specializing in not specializing has been Coates' mantra covering many genres from portrait to wedding to commercial projects over the years. Bob found that each genre informs the other and the cross pollination of skills needed in each helped the other become better.

Coates started his official pro career after picking up and putting down a camera for the previous Thirteen years. Based in the Caribbean for the first three years of business Bob concentrated on commercial photography. He was dragged kicking and screaming into the wedding side of the business and then embraced weddings. Upon his move to Sedona, Arizona to get out of the path of hurricanes weddings were mixed with some commercial work. Coming full circle Bob is back to concentrating on commercial projects, portraiture and creating an art décor line and leaving weddings behind.

Articles for magazines and books authored by Bob are part of how he gives back to the photographic community. In addition, Bob has presented programs from Hawaii to the Caribbean including National platforms at Imaging USA and other venues. Judging local and International print competitions is another way Bob has shares his expertise in the industry.

Coates has always believed in giving back to the local community using his photographic skills. Among many community projects there were a couple notable ones. A calendar based on the movie Calendar Girls that raised money and garnered lots of community awareness and National press for the Sedona Arts Center. He also photographed, designed, printed and sold a calendar for the Sedona Community Center raising over $10,000 for the Sedona Meals on Wheels program.

Awards, Degrees & Service - PPA Certified 1998, AZPPA Board Member 2001 – 2012, PPA Craftsman Degree 2002, AZPPA President 2004/2005, PPA Master Degree 2006, PPA Councilor 2009 – Present, AZPPA President 2010-2011, Buddy M. Stewart Humanitarian Award 2011, AZPPA/PPA National Award 2011, seven Kodak Gallery Awards, four Fuji Masterpiece Awards, six American Society of Photographers Awards, AZPPA Photographer of the Year three times, AZPPA Top Ten 19 of 20 years, PPA Artist Degree 2015, PPA Imaging Excellence Award 2015,

Bob resides in Sedona, Arizona with his wife Holly.


Program Description:  Unlocking Creativity & Person Growth Through Print Competition!

We have more creative tools than ever built into our cameras. The gear is becoming lighter, faster and sharper than ever. Technology is making it possible for making more Creative Images than ever before. We can now remotely control the camera via wifi and see what the camera is seeing. Pull 8MP stills from 4K video, pick focus after the fact, create Time-lapse videos in camera. Capture an image after something has already happened. (I know it was hard for Bob to believe too!) Intelligent Auto can determine the subject matter and give pre-programmed settings so you can concentrate on composition. Let’s not forget post-processing techniques to work on the images after capture. It’s a great time to push the envelope! Bob will share how he’s combining the new tech from Panasonic Lumix Cameras, Adobe Photoshop, Luminar and Aurora 2018 HDR software (along with lots of others) to make photography fun again.






Program Level: Intermediate